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What I hope gets “fixed” in SharePoint 2010

There are some limitations in WSS 3.0/SharePoint 2007 that are hurting the adoption of SharePoint 2007 at my company. I’m sure that this is pretty common. Many users are familiar with WordPress and Foswiki/TWiki. My users are looking for easy … Continue reading

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Using PowerShell to activate a feature across all Sharepoint 2007/WSS 3.0 sites and subsites

Recently, I was deploying a new feature to a WSS 3.0 site and needed to activate the feature on roughly 100 subsites. I did not want to do this manually with the web interface. I knew that I could write … Continue reading

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Creating and registering a sitemap to Google for a WSS 3.0/SharePoint 2007 site.

If you develop or maintain internet facing websites, then you already know what a sitemap is and does. I create and maintain site maps for several sites. I recently added a sitemap to my WSS 3.0 site. With other web … Continue reading

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Customizing and enhancing the security of a WSS 3.0/SharePoint 2007 site

I wanted to compare the capabilities of WSS 3.0 (Sharepoint 2007) to host forum-like discussions, blogs and wiki’s. After I’d developed my site, there were items that were visible to anonymous and standard users that I felt were inappropriate. I … Continue reading

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Adding SSL support to an existing WSS 3.0 (SharePoint 2007) site

I developed and configured a WSS 3.0 (Sharepoint 2007) Team discussion site. My initial goal was to compare the capabilities of WSS 3.0 to host forum-like discussions. After I had a firmer grasp of the capabilities of SharePoint 2007 with … Continue reading

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