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OCR’ing all of the PDF files in a SharePoint Document Library using PowerShell and Solid PDF Tools

A recent review of the PDF Documents in our Document Control Library, revealed that most were “image only” PDF’s. We’ve run our document control system on different versions of SharePoint technologies since SharePoint Portal Server 2001. We are currently running … Continue reading

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A walkthrough the code to extend the HP Digital Sending Software

Recently, I wrote about extending the HP Digital Sending Software to “close the gap” and email the OCR’ed result. I received a request to release the code, so I’ve decided to do so with a bit a of documentation.

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Making OCR’ed PDF’s using the HP Digital Sending Software

We recently became aware that our fancy HP workgroup printers which can copy a document and email the result as pdf to a set of email addresses only creates image pdf’s. None of the text in the pdf is searchable. … Continue reading

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Using PowerShell to activate a feature across all Sharepoint 2007/WSS 3.0 sites and subsites

Recently, I was deploying a new feature to a WSS 3.0 site and needed to activate the feature on roughly 100 subsites. I did not want to do this manually with the web interface. I knew that I could write … Continue reading

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Customizing and enhancing the security of a WSS 3.0/SharePoint 2007 site

I wanted to compare the capabilities of WSS 3.0 (Sharepoint 2007) to host forum-like discussions, blogs and wiki’s. After I’d developed my site, there were items that were visible to anonymous and standard users that I felt were inappropriate. I … Continue reading

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