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I want a Citrix XenAPP Server on Linux

We use Citrix XenApp 4 (Presentation Manager) for Solaris as the worldwide portal into our EDA/CAD Design server environment. Citrix XenApp is the latest name for Citrix Presentation Manager which was formerly named, Citrix Metaframe. The use of Citrix’s Solaris … Continue reading

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OCR’ing all of the PDF files in a SharePoint Document Library using PowerShell and Solid PDF Tools

A recent review of the PDF Documents in our Document Control Library, revealed that most were “image only” PDF’s. We’ve run our document control system on different versions of SharePoint technologies since SharePoint Portal Server 2001. We are currently running … Continue reading

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Windows 7 and Virtual XP mode – What and Who is it for?

The new Virtual XP Mode in Windows 7 requires a CPU supporting virtualization and a supporting BIOS. The vast majority of XP users do not have a computer with a CPU or BIOS that would support this option. With this … Continue reading

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Using Powershell to stop and start dependent services with error notification

A few days ago I received a request to restart a set of dependent Hyperion services every Sunday. This had to be done because; “That’s what Oracle support said is the fix to one of our TAR’s”. Although this server … Continue reading

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A walkthrough the code to extend the HP Digital Sending Software

Recently, I wrote about extending the HP Digital Sending Software to “close the gap” and email the OCR’ed result. I received a request to release the code, so I’ve decided to do so with a bit a of documentation.

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