Creating navigation links within a SharePoint 2007 or WSS 3.0 wiki page

I’m always hearing complaints about how deficient the SharePoint 2007 Wiki editor is. Although SharePoint 2007 is the 3rd release of the SharePoint product, some components are in their 1st release. The Wiki editor is one of these 1st release components.

One of the things people want to do is easily create inter-page navigation links like, top, bottom, etc. Although not the most user friendly approach, you can do this manually by entering anchors from the source view of the Wiki Editor. Here’s how I do it.

Manually add anchors using HTML code.

In the Wiki editor,click the source button to switch to HTML source view. Add your anchors wherever you need them in the source,  using the pattern:

<a id=anchor_name name=anchor_name></a>

You can have many anchors. You just give them different names and ids. For an anchor named top it would be

<a id=top name=top></a>

When done adding anchors, click OK to go back to the rich text view.

Create relative links to the Anchors

To create links to the anchors you just created, you will do this from the rich text tool-bar by clicking on the Hyperlink button.

In the Hyperlink dialog, for the Address, specify the root relative URL for the page by removing the site info and adding the #anchor_name

In General, you can get this URL by going out of edit mode on the page, and back to viewing the page in regular view mode.

  1. Copy the URL from the address bar
  2. Remove the site-name part of the URL (e.g. http://yoursitename)
  3. Add the named anchor portion (e.g. #anchor_name) to the very end of the URL.

For a default Wiki Library in a HR sub-site in the default SharePoint SiteDirectory the relative URL will look something like


I hope to evaluate the Telerik RadControls soon, specifically the RadEditor control

I’m also following the status and features of the Community Kit for SharePoint for possible ways to improve the SharePoint Wiki editor.


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  • fb

    What about ../../ type relative links – these get converted back to root type links even when I edit the html for a wiki entry, makes it difficult to copy a site from one location to another.

  • Yasina

    amazing. thank you very much

  • T

    Fantastic! I was pretty annoyed the #name didn’t work by itself… this is a great workaround, though we’ll see how it goes for the general wiki community!

  • bee

    Thank you very much m new to sharepoint and i wondered how i can create an anchor. i managed as easy as abc. thanks a lot.

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